"Ajanynyi kiper ngø?" ("Why are you insulting me?") - performed by Ochan Roman

Ochan Roman performed this song in Pinyudo in June 2017, accompanying himself on the thoom, or lyre. "Ajanynyi kiper ngø" can be translated approximately, "Why are you insulting me?" This song was composed by a man called Acur around 1951 (1944 in the Ethiopian calendar). In Anywaa culture at this time, a man could not marry unless he had sisters, because the dowry that a man received for his sisters would be the same dowry that he would use to pay for his wife. Acur had no sisters, and so people insulted him when he decided to get married, because he was poor. According to Ochan, his wife’s family decided to give their daughter to him when they heard this song, even though he did not have the dowry.

Credits and Bibliography

Ojho Othow Ojullu (translation and coordination)
John Omod (translation and coordination)