"For how long?" - by Khor DJ

Khor DJ is a South Sudanese artist currently based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He composed "For How Long?" in response to South Sudan's civil war, lamenting the situation and criticizing South Sudan's kleptocratic leaders.

Many of Khor DJ's songs are in the Nuer language, but he composed this one in English and Arabic to reach a wider South Sudanese audience (English and Arabic are languages are widely spoken across South Sudan's different ethnic groups). South Sudan's conflict had a very strong ethnic dimension from its start in 2013, particularly between the mostly Dinka government forces and the mostly Nuer rebel forces. However, Khor said, "We [South Sudanese] are one people. There's no need for us to be fighting each other. These divisions...they're not good."

Currently, many of Khor's listeners are from the Nuer community, but he hopes to reach South Sudanese from other ethnic groups with his songs of peace and national reconciliation. In addition to singing about South Sudan, Khor has also recorded love songs and gospel songs in Nuer, English, and Arabic. Eventually, he hopes to see his music and South Sudanese music generally become more well-known in eastern Africa and the globe.